Sophisticated Selling Skills

Face-to-face calling skills and selling skills techniques that go beyond the sale.

The sophisticated seller seeks the relationship beyond the sale.  

Sophisticated Selling Skills is intended for sales representatives and sales managers at all levels of experience.  This course concentrates on the interpersonal skills needed to conduct productive sales calls within long-term, mutually beneficial relationships. We build the selling skills needed to be consultative and client-focused rather than product-focused.

The typical format is for two or three days, and up to 16 participants. This highly experiential course employs extensive use of role-playing, taping and critiquing.

Sophisticated Selling Skills participants learn…

  •     How to gain access to the right people

  •     Several ways to position and differentiate their company in the opening minutes of a call

  •     A method for questioning strategically, in order to uncover and then develop client needs

  •     How to present value-added solutions

  •     Why it is important to explore and clarify objections before answering them

  •     Probing techniques to uncover decision makers, decision processes and decision criteria

  •     How to gain client commitment to a next step


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