Principled Persuasion.

Persuasion That’s Principled Is Most Effective

The concept and practice of Principled Persuasion is the thread that runs through all we do. It forms the basis of our consulting and our training in sales, presentations and negotiations. Without principles to guide and direct persuasion, both the methods and the outcome of persuasion can go astray.  

History and literature offer many examples of persuasive but unprincipled characters—from the devil to traveling medicine men selling miracle cures, to modern day marketers promising products and results they can’t deliver.

We promote persuasion that is principled in two ways.  First, it is persuasion that follows a personal code of conduct and high ethical standards. Second, it is persuasion that follows important axioms and proven methodologies in every application—the principles of client-centered selling; the principles of powerful presentations; the principles of successful negotiations.

David Zehren describes “Principled Persuasion”—the thread that runs through all that
ZEHREN♦FRIEDMAN does—in this short video clip.