We’ve helped clients sell, present, negotiate and influence more effectively for over 20 years.

Influence Without Authority—Advanced  Already know the basic principles of influence? Take your influence skills to the next level with this new Advanced Influence course.**

Improve your skills and understanding so that more of your recommendations are accepted and successfully implemented. Influence Without Authority—Advanced revolves around the skills needed to generate more influence, and the need to create a plan.

It’s “What’s next…” For years, many “Influence Without Authority” course participants—eager to increase their influence have—asked us “What’s next?” After running several successful pilots in 2015, we’re proud to say “Influence Without Authority—Advanced” is what’s next!

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Our Virtual Classroom Connecting the classroom experience to web-based learning.

Is it virtual? Web-based? A webinar? Self-paced? Computer-based? Distance learning? Or…????? One thing I know for sure, it’s not being delivered in a classroom!

There is a ton of confusion in the market today about how to describe training. Ever looking for simplicity, we often attach names that are so broad that the overlap creates even more confusion.

In a recent article by Josh Bersin (Principal and Founder, Bersin by Deloitte), titled Does E-Learning Really Work? Not So Well, When it Comes to Leadership and Soft Skills,” only 11% of respondents under 35 and 17% of older respondents preferred online learning to face-to-face.

So, we’re going to add to the confusion. Here’s the type of non-classroom-meeting-platform-delivered training we do. We call it the Virtual Classroom.

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Sellers should talk more?!
The oft-repeated and recognized truism, “selling is not telling” is easy to say, but our informal research shows that it’s less easily done. Seller’s beware! And be prepared. You can tip the talking ratio to the buyer with better planning. We can help. 

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When you present, do you use the Five Visual Delivery Skills to maximum effect?

Do you know the 5 Visual Skills for delivering great presentations? More importantly, do you use them?

In this quick video, Joe Friedman highlights the five visual delivery skills and how to use them to present better.  


Split the difference or stay with the tension?  Lose-lose or win-win? When the tension rises between your  counter party’s and your interests, splitting the difference is a quick way to relieve the tension…but it is rarely the best solution. It leads more to a lose-lose outcome than a win-win outcome.


Influence is everywhere: Using the power of influence to reduce power consumption. Can ComEd get us to reduce power consumption by using a powerful tool of influence called social proof? Robert Cialdini thinks so. And for good reason. Part of the power of social proof is that it’s almost instinctive.


David Zehren and Joe Friedman give a brief overview and history of ZEHREN♦FRIEDMAN Associates in this video.