Winning Competitive Sales

Learn how to win more of the competitive sales contests you enter.

Winning Competitive Sales concentrates on the “back half” of the sales process. It assumes the buyer is aware of the need and ready to buy. It also assumes the buyer has several capable suppliers from which to choose. This course introduces our Proactive Strategy Guide™, a powerful on-the-job sales strategy tool for sales teams and individuals.

Winning Competitive Sales is typically one or two days, for up to 16 participants. The workshop approach requires participants to create strategies and action plans for real business opportunities.

Participants learn…

  • To probe to uncover decision markers, decision processes and decision criteria

  • To build a matrix to compare strengths and weaknesses of all competing proposals based on buyers’ decision criteria

  • To create strategies and action steps to respond to decision criteria before the final decision is made

  • To design a “beauty contest” presentation that is structured around the client’s decision criteria

  • Tips on presenting value-added solutions

  • Probing techniques to uncover decision makers, decision processes and decision criteria

  • How to explore, clarify, and to respond to objections