Influence Better.

Build the Credibility You Need… to Have the Influence You Want

Influence doesn’t just happen. You must make influence happen. But to influence well takes skill and an understanding of the important differences between between persuasion and influence. Our Influence Without Authority program teaches how to make influence happen.

Most people miss 99% of the opportunities to influence. We can help you create action plans to build influence and seize opportunities.

Principled Persuasion results in collaboration. It is a two-way process where two (or more) people work together to take joint ownership of problems and solve them together. Not only are better solutions created, but an ancillary benefit of persuading this way is trust.

Build more trust with the people you depend upon, and your influence grows with them as well. While persuasion gets people to support you short term, influence gets them to buy in long term. Influence builds stronger relationships with others and helps you to gracefully overcome the differences that exist between yourself and others.

Influence Without Authority is a program designed for anyone who needs to get others to do what needs to be done in a team or matrix-oriented environment where there isn’t a reporting relationship to rely on.  Influence doesn’t just happen—it takes a plan and for most, the willingness to push beyond their comfort zones. One guiding principle of influence (and of life for that matter) is this: “If you’re not looking out for you, who is?”  Influence Without Authority focuses on the work environment and each participant creates a plan on how to have more influence on the job.