Cold Calling Tip #11: Handling the Objection “I’ve Got No Time”

What do you do with the objection, “I’ve got no time,” when you’re prospecting or cold calling?


What do you do with the objection, when you’re prospecting or cold calling, “I’ve got no time.” Well, there’s a number of directions you can go with this. One is, “When will you have time?” A second is, “Do you have no time now? Or do you have no time ever?” If the person says, “Well, this is our busy season”… “When is your slow season?” One of the things I frequently do when someone says “I’ve got no time.” or “This is a busy time.” I go out a month: “What does your calendar look like four weeks from now?” As this happens to be May, “What does your calendar look like in June?” That might work as well.

What else can you do when somebody says, “I’ve got no time.”? “You’ve got to eat, don’t you? How about lunch?” or “What if I come by with breakfast?”

I have clients tell me about the horrifying event when somebody says, “Why don’t you come by at 4?“ “Fine! How do you take your coffee?”

If this is about getting face-to-face, you need a good response when people throw resistance your way, like “I’ve got no time.” Come up with a good answer!

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