Cold Calling Tip #9: Be CHARMing When You Get Resistance Cold Calling

Our CHARM Model helps you handle resistance...

Resistance is an inevitable challenge cold callers face. Our CHARM Model can help. This clip explains what the CHARM Model is and how it can help you handle resistance when cold calling.

Our last two Cold Calling Tips discussed some of the inevitable resistance cold callers face. Now Joe Friedman talks about how to handle that resistance and introduces a helpful tool—ZEHREN♦FRIEDMAN’s CHARM Model.


So, how do you go about handling this resistance?

We have a model that we’ve come up with… And the basis of this model is when you’re cold calling and get resistance… you need to be CHARMing.

The term CHARM is an acronym that stands for four things:

  1. Clarify
  2. Honor
  3. Answer
  4. Request Meeting

Here’s what happens when most people get objections or resistance when they’re cold calling: They do something; they give an answer; and then they stop. And the death of most cold calls comes during the pause at the end of that answer, where we expect the other person to say “You’re a genius! Please come and meet with me.” But what happens in most cases is that another grenade gets lobbed in your direction to give some more resistance. So, our advice is Clarify, Honor, Answer, and then Request the Meeting immediately.

What does Clarify mean? Ask a question. Examples: Buyer: “This is a bad time.” Seller: “Tell me, when is a good time?”


Buyer: “I have no need.” Seller: “Why do you say that?”

And so the need to ask a question to clarify really is the first step.

The second step: Honor it. If, for example, the buyer says: “Your pricing is expensive.” I don't think you want to honor it by saying “We hear that all the time.” But, you might honor it by saying “Everyone’s looking to get the best price or the best deal that they can.” By the way, Clarify and Honor can happen in either order.

Your Answer has got to be concise.

And then immediately you go back to Request the Meeting.

That’s how you can be CHARMing when you hear resistance or objections to meet.

Here’s an example of being CHARMing...


Here’s an example of being CHARMing.

I happened to be prospecting—someone in an existing client who was not yet a buyer of mine. I introduce myself.

I say, “I'm Joe Friedman with ZEHREN♦FRIEDMAN. Calling to see if there’s some way we can support you...“ (as I was calling on a training manager) “ helping your folks to be more successful?”

And she says, “You know, I was expecting your call, someone passed on some of your materials to me and I’ve got to tell you, you really look quite expensive to me.”

I honored it first by saying “I understand that everyone’s looking to get the best deal that they can, but what are you comparing us to when you make the comment about pricing?“

And she says, “Well, I’m looking at an invoice from another area within our organization and it looks like your fee for this is really expensive.”

My answer to that was, another question: “Do you realize that was for a three-day training clas?”

And she said, “Oh no, I was thinking this was your daily rate.”

So now I’ve clarified it, I said, “Well, that’s certainly not the case. And I’m going to be in town next week doing a session. Might we meet for lunch?”

She says, “Absolutely.”

Clarify, *Honor... In this case it was, *Honor, Clarify, *Answer and Request the Meeting. That’s the CHARM Model* for handling resistance when you’re cold calling.

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Joe Friedman

Joe has over 20 years experience in sales, training, and consulting. Selling and delivering training is Joe’s passion. Joe’s career path has taken him from the faculty at Northeastern Illinois University to First Chicago, to another training firm before joining his friend David (who kept calling, and calling, and calling) to form ZEHREN♦FRIEDMAN.

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