Cold Calling Tip #6: A Positioning Statement Puts Your Best Foot Forward


One component of any cold calling that you do ought to be a positioning statement. You need to come up with a sentence or two that allows you to position your organization or yourself with the person to whom you’re making this cold call.

Now, a lot of people have described this as your elevator speech. I would say that is more individually focused. However, you could easily come up with a script: My name is __, my company is __, we are the ___. And you could fill in the blank on those.

If you can reduce it to a sentence or two, you have the ability to position who you are when you cold call.

So, for one of our clients who happens to be a chemical company: “We are the largest independent chemical manufacturer in North America.” That’s their positioning statement. This also happens to be a client for whom a lot of research and development gets done. And so another presentation positioning statement is: “My name is Joe Friedman. I represent this firm. 85% of our products have been developed during the last 5 years.”

Find a way to position your firm. We are the biggest, we are the best, we are the most current, we are cutting edge. It has to be true. But whatever it is, if you can reduce it to a sentence or possibly two, you have the ability to position who you are when you cold call.

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Joe Friedman

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