Helping Techs Talk to Mere Mortals (HT3M2)

a.k.a. “Presentation Skills for Technical and Analytical Presenters”

Techs talk tech. And some of the best technicians do tech better than they talk it. They excel at and revel in the specs, stats, data and analysis that make most people run in fear. But techs must also talk turkey to those “mere mortals” who are less specialized, less technologically competent—or even full-blown luddites. Yet these mere mortals often hold the keys to an organization’s strategy and resources. And an idea poorly communicated to these managers is an idea (and an investment) that probably won’t get off the ground and won’t produce a decent ROI.

We can help your data denizens and science sleuths be more effective communicators. Helping Techs Talk to Mere Mortals (ie, HT3M2) is a two-day, highly experiential, hands-on seminar for six to ten people.

This skill-building course features:

  • Interactive participation—each participant makes 5 practice presentations which are critiqued by the instructor and fellow participants and are also recorded for private video playback.
  • Practical, real-world coaching—participants are encouraged to bring their real-world presentation and PowerPoint challenges to the classroom for more individualized assistance.
  • Small class size—so there’s lots of individual practice and feedback from the instructor, from peers, and from video.
  • PowerPoint expert on-board—we also provide a PowerPoint specialist who demonstrates (in one-on-one tutorials) how to create good visuals with nitty gritty tips and tricks, including: what mouse-clicks, menu choices, keystrokes, and cuss words will get a participant’s ideas onto the slide.
  • Complimentary assistance after the seminar—participants are invited to contact the trainer with PowerPoint issues they face on the job.
  • Powerful templates to help structure better presentations—we encourage data experts to create persuasivepresentations rather than mere data dumps.

For years, ZEHREN♦FRIEDMAN has helped technical professionals present their findings and ideas so that their less technically inclined colleagues can understand and act upon their good works.

We can help your technicians and analysts communicate more effectively with the non-techs—those mere mortal. Call us at 847 / 940-7269 or use the contact form for more information or to schedule an HT3M2 seminar.