Teamwork Works!

Teamwork Works builds team success

We designed Teamwork Works for a company that was integrating two sales forces following a corporate merger. We have since customized the program further to cover intact work teams from a variety of different functions.

This workshop is a fun, hands-on approach to understanding what it takes to be an effective team, what effective team members do and what they don't do.

In a typical version of this class, participants will:

  • Develop or refine a team mission statement
  • Establish a list of qualities of effective teams, ranking those qualities and measuring their team against those qualities
  • Identify barriers stopping their team from being as effective as it could be
  • Create action steps to communicate the mission statement, to improve team effectiveness and to break down communication and "culture" barriers
  • Hold and critique a team meeting

Four times during this one-day class, the group will experience The Team Machine. The machine is an exciting, competitive, physical activity that requires no skill other than good communication and teamwork.