Internal Consulting Skills

When internal consultants work with their clients, they often find themselves relegated to the role of a pair of hands or expert. As a result, the client, usually a line-manager, disowns the problem or the solution, the internal consultant is responsible. This lack of ownership is often the cause of a failed project.

The aim of this class is to create an environment where the problem and the solution are approached in a more collaborative manner. In a collaborative consulting relationship, the line-manager combines his or her knowledge of the function with the consultant's specialized knowledge or skill to create a better solution than the manager could have developed alone.

In this highly interactive seminar, we teach internal consultants the consulting skills necessary to steer the project successfully through the five phases of a consult and the interpersonal skills which will make a successful consult possible.

Participants will learn to…

  • “Contract” with their clients, clearly defining objectives, scope, deliverables, and schedules
  • Use the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator to improve interpersonal dynamics with colleagues and clients
  • “Sell” their services in competition with external consultants
  • Probe to determine the underlying cause of a problem
  • Prepare a feedback report for the client
  • Manage confrontation and resistance