Customization & Other Specialties

Customization is one of our specialties

We offer our clients three levels of customization: Tailoring; Partial Customization; and Full Customization.

Tailoring typically involves new role plays and exercises based on real situations the seminar participants face on the job. We work in advance with the client’s subject matter experts to create realistic, challenging scenarios and exercises.

Partial Customization includes the work described in Tailoring, but also involves significant modification to seminar modules or creating new modules that focus on learning points and skills that are unique to a particular client or seminar group. Sometimes we can draw modules from two or more of our standard seminars to create exactly the right mix; other times we create totally new modules.

Full Customization means creating a totally new seminar. We are always happy to consider requests to create new seminars, but we don’t wander far from our expertise in Principled Persuasion. Two programs which we created in response to specific client requests, Internal Consulting Skills and Teamwork Works, have become part of our standard offerings.

Other specialties customized to your needs

Coaching means different things to different people. For some it means coaching individuals. For others, it means teaching supervisors and managers how to give feedback. We can do either, both or anything in between.

Customer Service training ranges from telephone skills to assessing customer service skills levels, then building a toolbox and action steps to improving it.

Image relates to everything another person sees in you or your organization. We can help you to define how you want to be perceived and make sure you present that image visually to others.

Consulting has led to many of the programs and capabilities that you’ve read about so far. Yes, we do consulting work! We’ve set up two Training Universities for clients. We’ve helped one client to create sales competencies and job descriptions. We’ve helped another to streamline the proposal books they use in presentations. We’ve helped to assess customer satisfaction levels. We can help you diagnose your issues and come up with solutions.